Clinical Hypnotherapist and Birth Hypnosis Classes

Join Kaye Coleman for Klarity Birth Hypnosis Classes! This is a great chance for expecting parents to learn about the wonderful world of natural childbirth & the technique of using self hypnosis. You will have access to Kaye’s expertise as a Clinical Hypnotherapist so that you may receive the best possible results for your upcoming birth. You’re encouraged to attend the classes with your birthing companion, however you may also attend solo. You and your partner will also receive 2 couples sessions with Kaye in her office for custom hypnotherapy along with the class. You will receive 2 books with this program, a set of written and recorded hypnotherapy scripts.

Mindful Hypobirthing:

Hypnosis and Mindful Techniques for a Calm and Confident Birth by Sophie Fletcher
Everyday Blessings – The Inner Work Of Mindful Parenting by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindful Parenting Skills:

Expecting parents are invited to join the growing community of families who are choosing to use birth hypnosis methods & helping to make the world a more peaceful place, one birth at a time. In addition, you will learn skills to help you be mindful as you raise your children.
Schedule the classes and sessions when it works for you.  Kaye offers private classes for one family at a time or in a group setting.  You want to take this approach as early in the pregnancy as possible so that you have plenty of time to practice the techniques.  You want self-hypnosis and relaxation skills to become second nature.

Doula Services :

If you want further support in your pregnancy, during labor and birth then you can hire Kaye as a specialty doula (birth support practitioner). She will support you with comfort measures, essential oils, prenatal yoga, and hypnotherapy so that you stay relaxed. Trusting your body and allowing yourself to go with the process of birth. Kaye will help you to stay calm and confident as you give birth and become a parent. The package also includes assisting you in creating a birth plan. Supporting you and your partner to create a healthy family and the relaxation techniques will help you to rest and adjust to being a new parent. Self hypnosis skills and mindfulness skills help you to be present and compassionate in your parenting. This package includes having Kaye attend the birth and completing 3 hypnotherapy sessions too.