Breast Pumps

Mum’s the Word offers Hygeia Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps for families who need them.  Currently, two programs are available.

Hygeia Hospital-Grade Breast Pump Rentals

I offer hospital-grade Hygeia breast pumps for RENT. These pumps are different from the single-use pumps that are sold in stores. These pumps are helpful for trying to increase milk supply, maintaining milk supply, those with preemies and for every day long-term use.


Breast Pump Accessories:

In order for the pump to work, you will need certain pieces for the pump. These pieces will belong to you after you finish your breast pump rental. If you are unsure of what you need, please let me know and I will advise.

  • Accessory Kit (includes tubing, piston, cylinder, bottles and breastshields):  $45.00

  • Piston and Cylinder only:  $12.00

Breast Pump Rentals:

  • $5.00 per day

  • $25 per week

  • $75 per month

You will pay me directly for rental of the breast pump and purchase of the accessories (if necessary). If you obtain a prescription from your OBGYN or your pediatrician, and get a receipt from me, you can submit both to your insurance company–they should reimburse you.

Now available!  You can use your HSA/FSA debit cards to pay for most classes and services!

Hygeia Hospital-Grade Breast Pump with Insurance Coverage

We can now order you a pump through Hygeia’s Moms Get More Prescription for Breast Pump & Supplies from your insurance company!  You and I will need to fill out a form together. Once it is completed, I will email it to Hygeia who will contact your insurance company and take care of the rest.  Depending on your insurance company, you will either receive a free breast pump, or you will need to pay a co-pay.   If you qualify for a breast pump, you will be notified.