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Online Classes are now available!
Do you prefer to watch classes online at your own pace?  Would you like additional information after (or before) attending your in-person classes?  As a Presenting Partner* with Lamaze International, we now offer online educational classes for pregnancy, labor and birth, breastfeeding, baby care, and parenting.  Options include purchasing classes individually or in bundles.

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Labor Confidence with Lamaze FREE!
This online class introduces six simple practices that research has shown to greatly improve birth outcomes for both mothers and babies, in addition to evidence-based comfort techniques to help minimize discomfort and pain during labor.

Prepared for Pregnancy $29.95
Are you planning on getting pregnant soon or have you just found out you are expecting? While your due date may seem a long way off, there are things you can do right now that can get your pregnancy and your baby off to a healthy start. Lamaze International has developed this class so you can be informed and make healthy choices right from the beginning.

Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps $29.95
Lamaze has simplified the scientific facts into six healthy birth practices to make it easy for you to choose the safest care, understand your options, and steer clear of care practices or unnecessary interventions that may not be the best for you and your baby.

Labor Pain Management: Techniques for Comfort and Coping $34.95
As you get ready for your upcoming birth, you will want to have a variety of comfort measures and coping techniques in your labor toolbox so that you and your support team can be as prepared as possible. Lamaze International has created this class to provide you with the information and skills you will need to minimize discomfort and labor confidently.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) $34.95
Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) is a safe and viable option for many women who have had a prior cesarean or even two. We have created this online class to help you know the facts, understand the benefits and risks of all your options, and set yourself up for the best chance of success.

Sex During Pregnancy and Beyond $34.95
If you have questions about whether it is safe to have sex during your pregnancy or how to cope with your changing body and new sensitivities, you’re not alone! The online format of this class will allow you the privacy to learn more about this sensitive topic at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Breastfeeding Basics: From Birth to Back to Work $34.95
As comforting and healthy as breastfeeding can be, it is not always easy in the first few weeks while recovering from birth. With the information in this class, you can prepare to get breastfeeding off to a great start and look forward to the many benefits that breastfeeding can provide to you and your baby.

Parenting Together $34.95
While adjusting to your new life as parents can seem daunting, every child deserves a strong parenting team. Tested and brought to life by the real parents, this interactive online class will provide an introduction to the top challenges that new families face and solutions for overcoming them.

Bringing Home Baby $34.95
Transitioning to parenthood can be difficult and daunting, but this online class will equip you with knowledge and resources to better meet your newborn’s needs and ease your transition.

Bestseller’s Bundle: Labor, Birth and Breastfeeding Basics $84.95

This bundle includes the following classes:

  • Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps
  • Labor Pain Management: Techniques for Comfort and Coping
  • Breastfeeding Basics: From Birth to Back to Work

Beyond Birth Bundle $92.80

This bundle includes the following classes:

  • Breastfeeding Basics: From Birth to Back to Work
  • Sex During Pregnancy and Beyond
  • Parenting Together: Starting Off Strong
  • Bringing Home Baby

Please note:

  1. *As a Presenting Partner, I receive a small portion of your registration fee from Lamaze International.
  2. Discounts are not available for these online classes.
  3. HSA/FSA Debit cards are not able to be processed for these classes.