When you think about what type of provider you want for your pregnancy, I suggest that you research locations first. Kinda seems backwards, right?

When you find a provider that you really like, you might just settle for the location they work at, but you may not truly like it.

As you start envisioning what labor, birth and postpartum will look like for you, think about locations. What does homebirth offer? What does a birth center look like? How can a hospital provide me with what I envision? Do your research! Once you find the location that you LOVE, then look for the provider who works in that location who will support, and not dictate, your vision for YOUR birth.

Once you do that, look for a doula. I’m all about the doula. They provide you with emotional support not just during labor, but during pregnancy as well. They have a list of reputable local and national resources for you and they can help you navigate the complexities of pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum.

As always, look for a TEAM that does not have an agenda, but who is willing to support you in your decisions, regardless of their own beliefs.