Breastfeeding Assistance

A great thanks to Michele at Mum’s the Word. It’s wonderful that she will come to your home and she is always available by phone or text!

Childbirth Education Class

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your class today. (We) really got a lot out of it. I loved how you really tried to balance out varying perspectives regarding the birth process, medicine, and postpartum care and how welcoming you made each of us feel.

Doula Services

I fully believe that I was able to have a natural childbirth because Michele was there. My husband and I were hesitant to hire a Doula, but looking back it is the best decision we could have made. As a military couple with no family in the area, Michele’s service was instrumental. She went above and beyond before, during, and after the pregnancy to assist us. She has a special gift that allowed me to feel comfortable with her when I was in a very vulnerable and exposed state. I didn’t know that her massage training would be so valuable until I found myself with back labor; Michele literally rubbed my back for hours! I highly recommend Michele to anyone considering a Doula. I know she is a huge part of why I can look back on the birth of my first son with such fondness. ~M.F. and R.F. (July 2014)

It goes without saying that seeing our son for the first time was the most important moment of my husband’s and my life. As new parents, the journey getting there was completely new and full of uncertain variables. Having Michele by our side was the best decision we could have made; she helped explain all our options and she gave us the opportunity to have the birth we wanted.
My mom told me that she wanted to give us a doula for a gift because she knew that having the emotional support was worth more than anything else, and she was right as moms usually are. I’ll be honest, at first my husband and I were skeptical about having a doula because my husband was going to be by my side the whole time and he wanted to be my coach. What we soon came to realize was a doula not only supported the new mom, but also the new dad, because we both benefited from having a calm and knowledgeable guide through such unknown territory.
Our baby came ten days past his estimated due date and medical intervention was originally offered to help induce me. Thankfully, I had Michele to help explain all of my options so I could make an informed decision. Even though I’m the type of person who will read every book and watch every video so I can soak up as much information as possible, textbook knowledge didn’t prepare me for all the potential birth paths nor for the intensity of pain; having Michele there gave me the confidence and awareness to successfully navigate pregnancy, labor, birth, and even baby. I wanted a healthy, happy baby, and I wanted a natural birth and I got exactly that!
I had an amazing birth team to include a wonderful doctor who let my husband help deliver the baby at the end and patient nurses who monitored the baby every hour in shifts, but Michele was with us from start to finish and she was the glue that held all those delirious moments together. We needed her consistency and strength over those 64 hours we endured back labor, and I say “we” because my husband and Michele and even one of the nurses helped compress my hips during every contraction. Later, my husband said it was the longest workout he had ever had and I couldn’t agree more.
Though my pregnancy was a smooth one, the labor was not and I truly don’t know what we would have done without Michele. Still, despite the three days of sleep deprivation and contractions, I had our beautiful son naturally just as we had wanted. Michele stuck by us the whole time, from the middle of the night phone calls to sitting in the hospital shower at dawn. She helped us labor at home during early labor instead of constantly driving back and forth to the hospital only to be turned away because I wasn’t dilated enough. She reminded me how to breathe through the contractions when I started to panic. She provided my husband very necessary breaks during active labor so he could sleep a few more minutes between contractions. She was the best gift my mom could have given us because she acted as my second mom when my own mom was stuck on the other end of the country. Thank you so very much Michele. ~B.P.

Being in the military, new to the Monterey area, and with the closest family being more than a days drive away, there was significant value to us by having the addition of a Doula. Michele’s professionalism and family-orientated manner brings an optimistic energy that supports a family throughout the pregnancy/labor/postpartum phases. Our birthing experience, with Michele as a part of the team, was nothing less that wonderful. Michele provides a positive attitude, has years of experience as a Doula, possesses vast knowledge of the hospital birth process (route we chose), has professional familiarity with the doctors and nurses at CHOMP, and, most importantly, worked extremely well with us throughout the entire process, which started 7 months before the due date. If you plan to give birth in the Monterey area, we highly recommend that you contact Michele and bring her on board your team. ~M. & K. Kenney

Michele was my pre and post natal massage therapist, birth doula, and lactation consultant. We had moved to the area in the third trimester, so I was in the need of a doula who would be able to help in all areas. She was the answer to our prayers. She helped me work out all the moving kinks with a couple massages. She helped my husband and I have the labor and delivery we wanted, working with me through a painful, and in my opinion, terribly long transition. And even more importantly she helped me through the difficult breastfeeding first weeks. I would recommend her to anyone. ~J.D.

For Parents

Please do not let finances get in the way of receiving the support that you need and want.  Note that while I do have a baseline fee for all of my services and classes, I offer a sliding scale to those in need on a case by case basis.
Please ask how I can help you.